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A dental implant may be used as substitute to one or more natural teeth that were lost. A titanium metal root is implanted in the jawbone. A substitute tooth will be affixed to the implant, which serves as an anchor to hold the new substitute tooth in place.

If you have lost a tooth because of an accident it’s very unlikely that the emergency dental practitioner would carry out this approach. The best course of action would be to go to your dental surgery and talk through your predicament with your dental practitioner.

Dental implants are a long-term replacement for tooth loss, not a cosmetic procedure such as veneers or teeth whitening.

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Who Needs Dental Implants?

Dental implants may be the ideal solution to several dental problems. As long as the patient has arrived at the age where their jawbone has ceased growing, usually around 18 years of age for boys and 16 for girls, age will likely be no constraint.

Regardless of whether you have lost a tooth, as the result of an accident to your face, a tooth defect or illness, an implant is undoubtedly a therapy to think about.

As normal, the best recommendation is to seek out an appointment with your dental practitioner to thoroughly discuss your alternatives before deciding on the best possible therapy.

Benefits of Dental Implants

A dental implant could be used to fill the gap left when you have lost a tooth. Using the metal titanium a root is created and then screwed into the person’s jaw. This then acts as an anchor for a replacement tooth.

After the loss of a natural tooth they provide a long term replacement option. Although an enhancement in physical appearance typically follows this is not a cosmetic therapy including teeth whitening or dental veneers.

Having one installed is quite a lengthy procedure and not likely to be carried out by an emergency dentist during the initial emergency. His job is to deal with the immediate problems and reduce the pain and chance of any infection after an accident. In most scenarios you will visit your local dental surgery and discuss the next step with your dental practitioner.

Dental Implants – Who Needs Them?

If the jawbone has ceased growing you’ll find no age constraints. This is commonly at the age of 16 for girls and for boys 18.

For patients that have lost a tooth a dental implant is normally the best replacement option. Losing that tooth through an accident, illness, decay or a defect in the way that the tooth sits, can all be dealt with very successfully by using an implant.

You should always make an appointment to determine your dental practitioner before making any final choices on your therapy. He can explain all of the alternatives accessible to you and give you his best advice.

If you are in Freeland WA, we can provide you with a simple description on how these dental implants do the trick.

Much better than a natural tooth. You will not be able to find out any distinction by looking at the natural tooth and a substitute implant. In several scenarios your replacement tooth will behave much better than a natural one. There is anything that a natural tooth can perform that your replacement cannot. There is absolutely no way that you might fail to be stunned at the look and feel.

Because of the high-tech materials used this is a solution which will last as long as you do. Long lasting and robust by design your implant will deal with anything that a natural tooth can and remain looking good and feeling comfortable.

There are other cheaper replacement options like a bridge or denture is but when you consider that you will have to replace these every 5 to 7 years the implant usually proves to be more cost-effective.

The easiest way to protect and keep your jawbone healthy. If you have only lost one or 2 teeth there may be the temptation to simply leave the gap. However if you do choose this option you must understand that it may result in long-term damage to your jawbone. As soon as your jawbone no longer supports a natural tooth deterioration of the bone will begin. With all the different choices available dental implants alone help the bone to develop and stay strong.

Recover self-esteem and confidence. With your new replacement implant in place you can find many advantages and spin-offs that will help to develop your self-confidence and self-esteem.

An alternative solution will be to use dentures, but this is found to have had an adverse effect on the self-esteem of the patient. Dentures generally bring about problems when eating particular types of food. This is created worse when the dentures do not fit effectively. I know of many patients who chose dentures who experienced speech problems like slurring of words or mumbling. Both very awkward.

If inserted appropriately, dental implants are always stable and fit perfectly. You will have no issue tackling the crispiest Apple or the toughest peanuts and your speech will probably be as clear and discernable as if you had a full mouth of natural teeth.

Once more your smile will be something to be happy with and your self confidence and self-esteem raised beyond expectations.

You will find plenty of alternatives available to you if you lose a tooth. Your primary alternatives will likely be to do nothing, opt for dentures, have a bridge installed or go with a dental implant.

If you consider all the details most individuals think about the dental implant to be the best choice. With a success rate of over 98% this is actually the only alternative that will cover all of your requirements and with the suitable care and maintenance will last a lifetime.

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