Bothell, WA Invisalign Teen

Invisalign – A More Comfortable Option for Teens

Bothell Invisalign TeenNo teenager wants to wear braces, but every teen wants a beautiful smile. If your teen is throwing attitude because they don’t want to wear traditional metal braces due to pain and discomfort, you should bring them in for an Invisalign teen consultation. There is a good chance they can get their teeth straightened out without pain or disapproval from their peers.

Teenagers prefer Invisalign because they are almost completely invisible. They can take selfies and hang out with their friends without everyone knowing that they are wearing braces. This modern take on braces ensures that teens can enjoy their lives while correcting tooth alignment properly.

Bothell, WA Parent Approved

Obviously, invisible braces that cause less pain and discomfort than standard braces are going to be popular with teenagers and young adults. The good news is that they are parent approved as well. Parents get the peace of mind that comes with knowing their children are receiving the dental care they need with as little pain as possible.

Parents also approve of Affordable Family Dentistry because our dentists are certified to provide all offered treatments. Invisalign teen services are provided only by well-trained dentists who understand how to properly customize the molds to each patient’s jawline.

Invisalign Teen Benefits

Bothell Invisalign TeenYou are probably picking up on some of the benefits of using Invisalign over traditional braces, but let’s make the list official:

  1. Ultimate Comfort
    Your teenager’s aligners will be molded to their jawline with advanced 3D imaging technology. This ensures proper fit and reduces the pain and discomfort often experienced with traditional braces.
  2. Removable
    Traditional braces are stuck to your teeth for long periods of time without relief, but Invisalign teen braces are removable. This allows teenagers to take their retainer out when they want to eat, brush their teeth or do other activities. This is far more convenient than any other type of braces.
  3. Invisibility
    No one has to know that your teen is wearing braces unless they want to tell them. Teenagers are already self conscious about their appearances, and with Invisalign they won’t add braces to the list of things to worry about.
  4. Vision of the End Results
    Advanced technology allows our dentists to show you and your teenager how their teeth will look after their treatment is over. This is a fun perk that doesn’t come with standard braces.

Free Replacement Aligners

Teens are busy and have a habit of misplacing things. We understand that, so we work with parents to ensure their teens keep up with their Invisalign aligners hassle and expense free. We will provide up to six free replacements in the case an aligner is misplaced. This is a perk that gives parents extra security when using our Invisalign teen program.

Give your teen the gift of straight, healthy teeth. Contact us online or through the phone for a free consultation and assessment.