Bothell, WA Invisalign

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Bothell InvisalignYou know your teeth need straightening out, but you don’t want to fill your mouth with standard metal braces. Invisalign may grab your attention because you get the benefits of wearing a retainer without the unattractive, uncomfortable nature of metal retainers. If that sounds like a dream come true, keep reading to learn more about this modern alternative to traditional braces.

How Invisalign Works

Some dental procedures are complicated, but this one is straightforward. Once you make an appointment with Affordable Family Dentistry, we will bring you into the office for a consultation. If it is determined that Invisalign is the right solution for your misaligned teeth, we will create molds for your teeth.

From those molds, we will use advanced imaging technology to create customized aligners that fit your teeth perfectly. Our dentists are certified to complete this process, and they will show you a 3D image that displays how your aligners will fit your teeth once they are created.

In order to ensure proper tooth adjustment during the treatment process, you will go through multiple aligners. You will wear each Invisalign aligner for two weeks before moving to the next set. The number of aligners you use will depend on your specific treatment plan, but it is common for patients to go through as few as 18 aligners or as many as 30 aligners. The treatment period can last up to 15 months.

Benefits of Invisalign on Patients at Bothell, WA

Bothell InvisalignThere are four main benefits to selecting Invisalign over other types of braces or retainers:

  1. You will experience less pain and discomfort with Invisalign, since the aligners are customized to your jawline.
  2. These retainers are easy to put in and take out as needed. You aren’t stuck with metal on your teeth for months at a time, so it is easier to take care of your teeth properly.
  3. Other people won’t know that you are wearing braces unless you tell them. Invisalign retainers are virtually invisible, so you can hold your head high and feel confident in your appearances.
  4. The 3D technology used for the Invisalign process will show you what your teeth will look like after the treatment process. You get to look at what amazing things are in store for you in the future.

Proven History

While Invisalign may seem like a new technology, nearly 2 million people have used them to date. Affordable Family Dentistry offers this alternative for patients who don’t want to use traditional retainers or braces. If you want more comfort and flexibility without sacrificing straight teeth, contact us to discuss your suitability to Invisalign.