Bothell, WA Dentures

Dentures Give You a Reason to Smile More Often

Bothell DenturesA lot of people prescribe to the myth that dentures are just for the elderly and these “false teeth” appliances are to be worn sole because, well, all of the aged person’s teeth fell out. This is not the most accurate of assessments, although it is accurate that the bulk of the people who wear dentures are up in age. Yet, there are those persons who are quite young who may be required to wear denture appliances to address problems associated with missing or lost teeth. A nice pair of dentures allows you to smile with a lot of confidence and be able to eat a decent diet and not skip certain meals because you cannot chew easily.

Why Would You Need Dentures?

Consider it definitely in your best interest to wear dentures when you lose some or all of your teeth. Dentures allow you to eat without much trouble and speak clearly while experiencing a restoration of your self-esteem and confidence. You could wear just partial dentures to replace a small number of missing teeth or the results of fourth stage gum disease might leave you required to wear full dentures. Full dentures provide a snug fit over the gums and replace the natural teeth that have been totally removed from one or both jawbones. Partial dentures do not fit right into the gums, but there are to be fastened onto the natural teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments.

The Minute a Problem Arises, Seek Help from a Dental Professional at Bothell, WA

Bothell DenturesBothell DenturesEveryone knows that we are going to smile far more often and act with confidence when the teeth are sparkling and healthy. A smile without limitations can do a lot to enhance morale and leave a very positive impression with others. You might not have to worry too much if you lose some or all of your natural teeth. All you have to do is contact Affordable Family Dentistry’s office at 20615 Bothell Everett Highway, Suite A, Bothell, WA, and start the process of getting custom-designed dentures that perfectly fit your teeth and gums. Our office is home to excellent state of the art dental technology that allows dentures to look and feel identical to your original teeth. When your dentures do not fit well, we can reline them so they fit perfectly.

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