Bothell, WA Digital X-Rays

Finding Affordable Family Dentistry

Bothell Digital X-RaysFinding the right provider in Bothell, our Dentist from Affordable Family Dentistry, is constantly learning the latest advances in dental techniques and technology. This allows our office to provide the highest levels of patient satisfaction. One of the newest areas of advancement is the new digital x-rays, replacing the traditional radiography x-rays from previous year.

What exactly makes this such a big deal for our Affordable Family Dentistry patients? Several things make this an exciting advance.

  • Enhanced Safety – Digital X-rays emit a much lower level of radiation, making it much safer for all patients over the long course of treatments. This is even truer for women who are pregnant, or patients that suffer from decreased immunity or disease. Digital X-rays decrease the amount of exposure to radiation by up to 80%!
  • Reduced Risk – Utilizing digital X-rays allows our dentists to identify oral issues, while not being as invasive as earlier visits. This means fewer risks for patients with radiation exposure, and allows the dentist to know exactly how to proceed in follow up appointments.
  • More Convenience – The convenience of digital X-rays allow our dentists to view patients’ teeth from multiple angles, and have easier access to X-ray files at the touch of a finger. Patient benefit includes having a more accurate diagnosis of the dental condition, making treatment more efficient, and saving potential pain and costs in the long run.
  • Higher quality – Digital X-rays provide a superior image with more details that provide our dentists a clear idea of each patient’s individual need and diagnosis. It makes it easier to find dangerous conditions earlier, and digital X-ray allows a zoom in feature that manipulates X-rays to get a close up while not sacrificing any of the image quality. This is a key in early detection and diagnosis.

By offering digital X-ray technology, Affordable Family Dentistry and Bothell patients have the opportunity to be diagnosed earlier, with better accuracy and much lower risks than dental practices that are still utilizing traditional x-rays.

If you think you need to come in for a digital X-ray scan, don’t delay! Contact us here at Affordable Family Dentistry today to make an appointment.