Bothell, WA Tooth Extraction

If you’ve been to the dentist’s office, chances are that you may have heard the term dental extraction. In fact, you may even had a dental extraction of your own. Dental extractions are a common dental procedure although with the advances in dental care and new technology, they are becoming less common each year.

What is a Dental Extraction?

A dental extraction is a total removal of the tooth. The dental extraction is a technique that is used when there is no other way to save the tooth or when it is necessary that the tooth be gone from your mouth. It may be necessary to extract the tooth if a baby tooth or a primary tooth has blocked the path and will not allow the permanent tooth to come through the gums. It may also sometimes be necessary to perform an extraction if there is a tooth that has become excessively decayed or a tooth that has been broken.

How Is an Extraction Done in our Bothell, WA Clinic?

Depending on the reason for the extraction or the problem that exists, there are two ways to accomplish a dental extraction. A surgical or a non-surgical dental extraction may be performed. In either case you’ll be given an anesthesia or a pain prevention medication so that you will be comfortable during the procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The third molar in your mouth is quite often caled a wisdom tooth. When you are in the late teens or early adult years, your wisdom teeth will come through. Sometimes these extra teeth do not have a space in your mouth. They may come in misaligned or they may not be able to erupt at all causing pain and problems. Impacted wisdom teeth are another reason for dental extractions. The wisdom teeth either don’t come through the gums or they are crowding the other teeth and pushing them out of line.

In some cases it will cause an abcess that can be very damaging to your bone and your tissue. In some cases to prevent this, the dentist will do an extraction of the wisdom teeth even though there may not be anything wrong with them.

A tooth extraction can be a dental process that does tend to make you nervous. You are in very good hands when you’re in the hands of Affordable Family Dentistry. The staff and doctors at Affordable Family Dentistry are highly trained and highly skilled in their craft. It is their business to ensure that your dental health stays at optimal level and that you are comfortable and at ease during any dental procedure, including dental extractions.

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