Bothell, WA White Fillings – No Metal

Bothell White Fillings - No MetalIn general, nearly everyone will deal with at least the basic dental problem of cavities. This is something that should never be left unattended, because even the smallest cavity can lead to widespread decay and excruciating pain. The good news is, cavities are nothing new and dental professionals have a host of options available for dealing with the problem, starting with the standard filling.

Cavities can quite easily be removed through drilling but this leaves a large space in the tooth that must be dealt with. You see a wide opening weakens the structural integrity of the tooth while leaving an opening for decay or infection to set in once again. Fillings replace the tooth material that has been removed and takes care of all of these issues. There are several substances available for filling material today.

Many people are familiar with the standard filling material, platinum, silver and gold, which are still in use but not nearly as popular as they once were due to being less aesthetically pleasing and more expensive than the alternative. Resin amalgams, glass composites, ceramics and other combinations give you the same structural integrity and protection without standing out the way metal fillings do.

Are you in Bothell and need a filling? If so, you will want to weigh your budget against maintenance issues and consider the following pros and cons:

  • Durability – How long do you need your filling to last? Natural looking materials will blend with your tooth but may not last quite as long as the standard materials. You can expect around 10 years with the metal-based fillings and 5 years for most of the rest. It is completely up to you, which you choose.
  • Cost – Filling material type dictates the procedure and the expense of all the above.
  • Aesthetics – How important is it for your filling to blend in well? Certain materials will be obvious; while others are so close to the real thing people will never know, you have had a filling.

There are a few side effects to fillings you should think about as well. You may find your teeth are more sensitive, (at least the filled ones) which may require reapplication or re-treatment in subsequent years. Of course, that is still better than continued tooth decay.

Fillings are a great way to improve your overall oral health. Contact Affordable Family Dentistry today for more information.