Bothell, WA Pediatric Dentistry

Welcome to Affordable Family Dentistry’s Pediatric Dentistry Page.

Bothell PediatricWe’d like to thank you for trusting us with your child’s dental health. Affordable Family Dentistry takes great pride in offering an educational and a fun experience for your child. Our staff specializes in pediatric dentistry and recognizes the unique needs of young children and the unique requirements for their dental care.

The Benefits of Pediatric Dental Care

Pediatric dental care is imperative in order to start your child off on the right path toward lifelong positive dentail health. With early visits to the dentist’s office, your child will get a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle and good dental health from an early age.

According to the Academy of Pediatric Dentists, the foremost authority on pediatric dental care, the number one chronic disease among children today is tooth decay. Our office is committed to helping you to prevent tooth decay and to keep your child’s smile bright and healthy.

Your First Pediatric Visit

Bothell PediatricAffordable Family Dentistry knows that a first visit to the dentist, especially for a small child can be difficult. Any doctor can be slightly frightening to a child. We take every measure possible to ensure that your child feels secure and safe on his or her first visit to the dentist.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists as well as the American Academy of Pediatricians recommends that your child first visit a dentist at about one year of age or as within six months after they get their first tooth. Starting early in your child’s dental health will serve two purposes. They will be more at home with the dentist and the office and they will be less concerned about the environment around them. In most cases, treatment at this age is not necessary and this allows them to interact with the dentist in a completely positive way.

Pediatric Dental Services that We Offer in Bothell, WA

Nearly every dental care service that is required by an adult patient may, at one time or another be required by a pediatric patient. Our staff brings each of these services to the pediatric patient with a view toward their special requirements.

Dependent upon the needs of your child, our office offers the following routine pediatric dental care.

  • Preventive instruction
  • Routine checkups
  • Regular teeth cleaning
  • Dental Sealants
  • Digital X-rays
  • Restorative Dentistry (fillings etc)
  • Interceptive Orthodontic Care

At Affordable Family Dentistry, we take great pride in making sure that you and your family have someone upon which to rely for immediate care, for emergency care, and for routine pediatric dental care. Our office is ready and waiting to help you with any pediatric dental concern that you may have. Call today to make an appointment for your child’s pediatric dental examination and get started on a lifetime of good oral health.