Preventive Dental Care in Bothell, WA

Preventive Care Can Greatly Reduce Dental Problems

Bothell Preventative CareTo anyone seeking to have dental work done in Bothell, it is strongly suggested to set up an appointment with Affordable Family Dentistry as our dentists are more than capable of handling virtually any oral emergency or dental health related issue and do so with expert care.

Preventive and Immediate Care are Available

Locating a dentist who can perform a proper evaluation that determines just what your future dental needs are and this could help you avoid having to deal with an emergency in the first place. To decrease the chances you suffer from any future dental issues, Affordable Family Dentistry goes to great lengths to provide the best dental care. The office is available to help you with any immediate problems such as a cavity, root canal, or lost tooth and also seeks to maintain your oral health through preventive care designed for long term improvements.

What are the primary preventive care methods our dental office suggests in Bothell, WA ?

Types of Preventive Care

First of all, regular checkups at Affordable Family Dentistry are a great way to keep your teeth perfectly healthy and clean and also provide a helpful way to catch the onset of decay or plaque long before they becomes very serious issues.

Also, we take a lot of time out to educate any of our Bothell dental patients on the best way to care for their teeth while at home. Our suggestions include:

  • Brushing the teeth twice a day on a regular basis
  • Flossing regularly and in a deliberate manner
  • Keeping away from sweets that expose the teeth to excess sugar
  • Wearing a mouth guard or otherwise protecting your teeth during physical activities and sports

The Sealant Option

Last, preventive care can be made a great deal easier thanks to dental sealants. Sealants are thin coating painted onto the teeth to cut down on tooth decay by shielding all the various different grooves and bumps present on the enamel. You can learn a lot about sealants right at our office.

Preventive Care Is A Must

Bothell Preventative CareAs is very clear, you do not have to do much to follow a preventive dental care plan and the effective dental hygiene habits you stick with will ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy all throughout your life. At Affordable Family Dentistry, we take steps to ensure all our patients from all age ranges can care for your teeth so you gain peace of mind at least as far as their dental health is concerned.

What is the way to implement proper preventive dental care in your life? Just call our office to learn the answer!