Bothell, WA Dental Exams & Cleanings

Dental Exams & Cleaning Save Your Teeth

Bothell Dental Exams & CleaningsSurely, you have heard the old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. At Affordable Family Dentistry, we came up with our own saying:“Two dental exams a year keeps the cavities away!” While the saying does not rhyme nor is it all that catchy, the saying certainly gets the point across effectively. In addition to your usual daily brushing and flossing ritual, you also have to book yourself for regular dental exams and cleanings and these are vitally important to keeping your teeth looking good and remaining in healthy condition.

A Proper Examination

At Affordable Family Dentistry, a comprehensive dental exam is performed and the process entails performing a complete inspection by dental experts. The exam includes using our digital X-ray system to determine if any major problems are present. Once the X-rays are reviewed, a consultation with the dentist is undertaken so that an informed decision could be made on the proper treatment to explore.

Delays Are Not To Your Teeth’s Benefit

By allowing too much time to pass between dental cleaning and checkups, plaque and gum disease could go untreated to the point you could suffer from a much larger and more serious oral health problem, a problem that come with great cost to fix. The minute you visit Affordable Family Dentistry in Bothell for regular dental exams & cleaning sessions, you gain access to quite a few benefits:

  • Better Health – Maintaining the teeth is critical to reducing the chances of suffering from gun disease, decay, bad breath, and a host of other unwanted oral issues.
  • Save More – Would you be more interested in paying for a low-cost sealant procedure that helps prevent tooth decay for about ten years or would you opt to undergo a painful, invasive root canal? This is what happens when you let a cavity go on for too long. You save a lot of money when you have consistent dental checkups and maintenance and you boost your health as well.
  • More Beautiful Smiles – Thanks to regular cleanings, your teeth end up presenting a much more aesthetic appealling look and this, in turn, could enhance your mood, confidence, and instill a positive feeling that was lost due to self-consciousness over your teeth.

Call Our Office at Bothell, WA for an Appointment

Through offering thorough dental exams and cleanings for Bothell locals, Affordable Family Dentistry does everything to ensure you have a comfortable brief stay with us and undergo the most convenient exam process possible. By scheduling your appointment in advance, you increase the likelihood that you get a thoroughly timely response to any dental health issues you may have.

Contact our office today to set up regular dental exams for you and your family.