Bothell, WA Dental Fluoride

Affordable Family Dentistry and Fluoride

Bothell FlourideEvery day, your teeth go through a loss and gain of important minerals to keep them healthy and strong. This process is known as demineralization and remineralization. Several of the important core minerals include the following; calcium, phosphate and fluoride. When too much mineral loss occurs, the teeth become weak and become more prone to breaking and decay. Fortunately, however, Affordable Family Dentistry is available to provide its Bothell dental patients with one of the important fluoride treatment processes that boosts the layer of enamel that protects again tooth breakdown.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in much of your daily food and water intake, and is one of the most important factors in maximizing tooth health. The overall health of your mouth can be improved with a few simple fluoride treatments. You may need to contact us at Affordable Family Dentistry to discuss fluoride treatment if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Constant Dry Mouth – This can be caused by a wide range of conditions. It may be caused by xerostomia, or can be caused by reactions to medications or medical treatments. The lack of saliva makes teeth more vulnerable to exposure to food particles and acid. Fluoride can help neutralize this exposure.
  • Frequent Cavities – Someone that gets cavities on a regular basis (every year) may need to increase fluoride to help fight tooth decay.
  • Gum Sensitivity – This is a precursor to gingivitis, which is a gum disease that exposes tooth roots to bacteria and increases chances of decay.

There are several ways to increase the fluoride level for your teeth:

  • Rinses – Mouthwash and toothpaste sold at local stores contain fluoride, although in low levels.
  • Topical Application – A dentist is able to use fluoride in a higher concentration that you find in mouthwash or toothpaste, and it can be “painted” directly on the teeth with a gel, foam or varnish.
  • Dental Prescription – Your dentist may decide you need to take a liquid or tablet form of fluoride, and must be obtained with a prescription.

Bothell dental patients can easily make an appointment with Affordable Family Dentistry to recieve fluoride treatments; the only recommendation is no food or beverage for 30 minutes before the appointment so the teeth will absorb thefluoride properly. We may recommend fluoride treatments at 3, 6, 9 or 12-month intervals, dependent on each individual situation.

If you are ready to make a fluoride treatment appointment, contact Affordable Family Dentistry today.