Mouthguards at Affordable Family Dentistry in Bothell, WA

Bothell MouthguardsBefore any big game, you often see the players putting theirs mouthguards in before a big play. They are taking an important precaution in leaving all their teeth in the right place. While your daily routine might not include the rough and tumble behavior that happens in a professional football game, you still might have a situation or a condition in which a mouthguard could become a genuine asset for your teeth.

Anyone active in a sport where getting hit in the mouth is a good probability might need to consider a mouthguard. This simple tool can save you from having to have a costlier implant procedure, in which the gap between the teeth will need to get filled. Another common cause for needing a mouthguard is “bruxism”. This is when people grind the teeth from stress or habit, even when asleep. This accelerates the wear and tear on teeth.

Whatever the case, when it is time to consider mouth guards, Affordable Family Dentistry offers several types for Bothell Dental patients.

  • Stock mouthguards – These mouthguards are designed to be molded to fit different mouth sizes. They can be loose, bulkier and hamper breathing and talking. These are not the best recommendation, because they don’t offer the most effective protection.
  • Boiled mouthguards – These are made from a thermoplastic substance which reacts to hot water. They are briefly boiled, then the mouthgard is placed against the teeth to form a basic mold.
  • Customized mouthguards – Those who are looking for optimal protection, this is the most desirable option. When visiting Affordable Family Dentistry, we can design a custom fitted mouthguard. Our dentist will ensure your mouthguard allows optimal results for unobstructed breathing and speaking. A little more expensive than buying a mouthguard from the local sporting store, a customized mouth guard is an investment that will provide comfort for your dental needs.

Mouthguards are frequently made for the upper and lower teeth. If you are experiencing teeth grinding while you are asleep, we can provide a special mouthguard to wear while sleeping called a bite plate or bite splint. This prevents a lot of damage.

If you are ready to get information on a biteguard designed just for you, give us a call today.