Dental Sealants In Bothell, WA

Bothell SealantThere are plenty of places to find out how to avoid tooth decay, which ultimately leads to cavities or worse – root canals. You have heard it before. Brush and floss regularly. Avoid foods and beverages that are high in sugar. These are the tried and true rules for the best dental health. Maybe you haven’t heard of an extra step that can help dental patients experience even less tooth decay. Dental sealants are the new normal step in prevention.

Sealants are designed from a thin, plastic coating that is painted or brushed directly on the teeth. It focuses mostly on the chewing surfaces, including the molars. This little shielding coat locks elements out that contribute to tooth decay. Instead of simply removing the material that gets left on teeth throughout the day, sealants ensure it never contacts the enamel of the teeth and the decaying process never even has a chance to get started.

Our Bothell dental patients at Affordable Family Dentistry routinely use sealants as part of their long term dental care plan. Here are a few benefits for having sealants applied:

  • Long-Lasting Protection – Sealants last up to ten years before reapplication is necessary. This makes it a worthy investment, considering sealants can prevent tooth decay that may have resulted in costlier procedures down the road.
  • Convenience – When having sealants, there is no need to rinse or remove anything from your mouth – they become part of the teeth. Plus, it is a painless and simple process to have it applied.
  • Aesthetic – Sealants won’t change the appearance of your teeth. It will actually work for preserving your smile’s natural beauty.

At Affordable Family Dentistry, we recommend sealants for children ages 6-14 because this is when the most tooth decay happens, however sealants are a great dental prevention tool for all ages.

Contact us today if you are looking to have sealants applied for yourself or your children! We would love to help you schedule an appointment.